New partnership with capitalist firm

Thrilled to announce our joint partnership towards development with Panda Starter, Crypto starter for blockchain projects. An early stage venture capitalists and accelerator for blockchain projects adapting as meme and utility project, Panda Starter creates initial coin offerings, seed/ private sales program for blockchain startups building on BNBChain. Panda starter offers fundraising, management & overall alliance with new low cap startups & seed sales for large scale projects with defined programs. Investing in potential & outstanding projects, Panda Starter provides for its investors backed community with hold-participate-earn “blackwhite” programs where they can get early access into the best launching projects.

All in all, the similarity we share with Panda Starter offers us as a community a joint partnership towards development, creating a stake to “Become a Panda” as part of now their community.

Panda Starter will launch their Become-A-Panda token for their planned investors backed community, a private investment community only for token holders and will offer Ingress community to be a core of this firm through our incubation program.

More details will be shared.